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Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2016

Culinary collaboration for space exploration

Future of flights Museum, WA The past November 19th Dr. Rachelle Ornan-Stone, Advisory Council member of the Pacific Northwest American Institute of Aeronautics and Asttronautics (PNWAIAA), and Vera Mulyani, CEO of Mars City Design presented at the Future of Flight Museum in Everett WA, three "mayan chewing gum” flavors to an audience of aviation and aerospace professionals and enthusiasts to demonstrate how space explorers might remember Earth moments and memories with the sense of taste. The main idea of this project is  to recreate flavors that will trigger the autobiographical memory of subjects thru their chemical sensing system. Flavors such as fresh-cut grass prior to a football game or newspaper print, or even rain-soaked pavement will be otherwise hard to have in space and could certainly be important for the emotional stability of the astronauts.  "GUM is the perfect sensory delivery system for space: lots of taste for very little weight. What an amazingly